Spain and the Olympic Games

Most probably, at the end of the Games, a lot of Spanish representatives would talk about the success of Spain. More medals than in Sidney is enough for them. But is it really a success? from my point of view is a new disappointment coming from the Spanish team. Many athletes claim before the games that they go in their best shape and ready to fight for the medals. Most of them do not pass the first qualifying series. In track and field the ridiculous is more obvious. Yes, in the European Championships, Spain gets 20 medals. Why? most of the best athletes are not Europeans and some of the best Europeans don’t give a dam about the championships. But of course, TVs, radios and press give the idea that we have the best.
Once the games start, the reality is somehow different. But I can understand that there are better people than ours but what I do not understand is why some of them run or jump far away from their best. What’s the problem? are they mentally weak?, is it the Spanish character?

I have envy of the Netherlands, 16 million inhabitants and right now, 4 gold medals. I am not asking for miracles and 10 or 15 gold medals but I believe that Spain should be among the most important countries as we say we are in economic terms.

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Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.

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