the worst summer since I live in the Netherlands

Yes, my beloved readers, the summer in the Netherlands hasn't arrived at all this year. It is not like I would like to have high temperatures as in Spain, over 35 degrees or more, but the problem is that the sun has disappeared from the country.

Clouds surround The Hague. The sky is grey like early fall, it rains many days and temperatures hardly achieve 19 degrees Celsius. I am not asking for much, since I come from Oviedo, Asturies, in the north of Spain, but once in a while, we like the sun rays over our skin, which by the way, is getting as white as a cow.

Anyway, if I have to choose between this kind of weather or the heat and rise of Spain, I'd rather stay with this one. I am so tired of the summer culture, the hotter the better. What good does it?.

Have a good day.

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Azu -

What can I say? I love hot summers, even if that means sweating all day, looking for every shadow in the city or not being able to sleep ;-)